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Lacerations / Cuts / Scrapes / Stitches

Often, we are faced with unintended cuts and scrapes where a repair with stitches may or may not, be required. Our highly trained providers will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms and perform an exam.

Depending on what our provider finds on your exam, he or she may determine that a laceration repair is needed. If so, the provider will thoroughly clean the wound, apply anesthesia with lidocaine, and repair the cut with stitches.

If your tetanus immunization has not been updated within the last 5 to 10 years, a tetanus booster can be administered in our clinic.

X-rays may be performed to determine the extent of injury and verify that there are no foreign objects in the wound.

Sometimes our providers will prescribe antibiotics and pain medication to minimize the chances of infection and alleviate painful symptoms. You will be advised to return for the removal of your stitches in 5-10 days, free of charge.

If our providers feel that the cause of your symptoms is emergent, or may require emergency management, you will be referred to a local emergency room for further evaluation and treatment

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